The way we work
M Brigados
Sales and marketing management
The way we work

We do not assign ordinary advisors and consultants, instead we freelance experienced sales and marketing managers and directors on part-time, interim or non-executive bases as we strongly believe in practitioners and field experience rather then fancy book-based knowledge.

Our customers are greatly benefiting from a very flexible, project based organisational structure at M brigados: for every project there is a separate interim task force called „brigada“ (a brigade) collected from experienced professionals of project relative areas.

This type of organizational structure makes our company name:

M = Marketing

Brigados = project groups aka brigades.

For each project or a customer we set an individual brigades.

The principal structure of a brigade is as follow:


Managing Section of a brigade manages projects and is responsible for customer service.

pop Task managers are primarily responsible for handling project related tasks, managing customer service and day-to-day project routines.
pop Brigadiers – are the project managers who organize activity of the brigade and are responsible for the the final result of the project.

Creative Section of a brigade provides ideas for strategies, problem solving and campaigns.

pop Brigade Members are freelanced marketing and sales professionals from different industries joining Brigade on a project bases.
pop Auxiliary Forces are Brigade Members involved on demand, when the project expands or gets too complex to be properly managed by a standard Brigade.