The way we work
M Brigados
Sales and marketing management
M Brigados

M brigados is a trading and sales management company providing business services ranging from ordinary sales management consultancy to export agency. Whether you have an operating sales team in the Baltics or just going to enter the region, we are here to support your team or be your local sales and distribution company.

Our ultimate goal is to solve your sales problems and do our best in helping you to reach your sales goals: should it be just an advisory support for a inexperienced sales manager or securing turnover goals by expanding your sales into the export markets. Such a broad spectrum of services allows our customers fully benefit from our extended expertise in sales management. We fix your sales.

Our key expertise areas are

pop B2B sales management consultancy
pop Problem solving through Total Quality Management projects
pop Sales focused marketing project management
pop Import-export agency in the Baltics and neighbouring markets.

The corner stones of our services are customer satisfaction, unconventional approaches, problem targetig and cost effectiveness.